Artist Releases

Villa America “Motorcade” [Bostin’]

Dirtbox “The Reason” [Bostin’]

Maas “EP 1” (San Narciso) [Soma]

Maas “Suture Self EP” [Soma]

Maas “Latitude” (LP) [Soma]

Maas “Look At Me Now, Falling” [Soma]

Maas “Another Saturday Night” [Soma]

Maas “Powers Of Ten” [Soma]

Ewan Pearson “Small Change” (LP) [Soma]

Ewan Pearson “Sci Fi Hi Fi Volume 1” [Soma] (DJ Mix)

Sulky Pup “Cardinal Numbers” [Ideal]

World Of Apples “Chroma EP” [Giant 45]

World Of Apples “The Days Are Just Packed EP” [Giant 45]

Partial Arts “Canopy” [Out Of The Loop]

Ewan Pearson and Hafdis Huld “Let It Go” [Fourmusic] (Licensed to “F.U.N.II” compilation)

Partial Arts “Cruising” [Dialect]

Partial Arts “Trauermusik” [Kompakt]

Ewan Pearson “fabric 35” [fabric] (DJ Mix)

Ewan Pearson “Piece Work” [!K7]

Partial Arts “Telescope” [Kompakt]

Ewan Pearson “We Are Proud Of Our Choices” [Kompakt] (DJ Mix)

Bhutan Tiger Rescue “Beginner’s Waltz” [Kompakt]

Partial Arts “Taifa” [Kompakt] * forthcoming



Jhana “Say Say Say” (Family Planning Remix) [Wired] (w/ John Tyrell)

Jay Rod “Space Travel” [D1 Recordings]

Jeb Loy Nichols “As The Rain / Coming Down Again”  [Capitol]

I:Cube “Commes Des Esprits”  [Versatile]

Uriel “Under Compulsion” [Beau Monde]

DJ Rap “Good To Be Alive” [Higher Ground / Sony]

Primitive “Urges One” [Primitive Urges]

Nova Nova “Bewildered” [F Com]

Two Banks Of Four “Skylines Over Rooftops” [Sirkus]

Aaron Carl “Crucified” [Sirkus]

Chaser “Blue Planet” [Soma]

Christian Zimmerman Presents “Diary Of A Lost Girl” [Giant 45]

Count Zero “Blu Boogaloo” [Out Of The Loop]

Yoshinori Sunahara “Hypnotic Break” [Bungalow]

Jeb Loy Nichols “Say Goodbye To Christopher” [Rough Trade]

Nemo “Darkest Day” [Sonar Kollectiv]

Leftfield “Dub Gusset” [Higher Ground / Sony]

Only Child “Getting It On” [Grand Central]

Stargazer “Deeper” [Ideal]

Zuco 103 “Una Gravata Florida” [SSR / Crammed]

Russ Gabriel “We Will Be Turning” [Out Of The Loop]

Deem C “Floating” [Slip ‘n’ Slide Blue]

1 Giant Leap “Braided Hair” [Palm Pictures]

Jaymz Nylon “I Know A Place” [Out Of The Loop] (w/ Al Usher)

Blake “Saturday Night” [Ideal] (w/ Al Usher)

Freeform Five “Perspex Sex” [Classic]

Fifth Level “Jump Up” [Vapour]

Chris Cowie “Deep Within” [Panther]

Black Strobe “Me ‘n’ Madonna” [Output] (w/ Ivan Smagghe)

Slam feat Dot Allison “Visions” [Soma]

Midnight Star “Midas Touch” [Ideal] (w/ Al Usher)

Erlend Oye “A Sudden Rush” [Source]

Mint Royale “Blue Song” [Faith & Hope]

Playgroup “Make It Happen” [Playgroup]

Seelenluft “Manila” [Klein]

The Flaws “Freek” [Bitches Brew]

Goldfrapp “Train” [Mute]

Goldfrapp “Strict Machine” [Mute]

Ladytron “Evil” [Telstar]

Swag “Where I Belong” [Version Music] (w/ Al Usher)

Futureshock “Pride’s Paranoia” [Junior / Parlaphone]

Chemical Brothers/The Flaming Lips “The Golden Path” [Virgin]

Closer Musik “1,2,3 (no gravity)” [Out Of The Loop / Kompakt]

Feist “Inside and Out” [Polydor] (w/ Al Usher)

Alter Ego “Beat The Bush” [Klang / Ongaku]

Moby “Raining Again” [Mute]

Silicone Soul “The Poisoner’s Diary” [Soma]

Silver City “Shiver” [2020Vision]

Royksopp “49%” [Wall Of Sound]

Goldfrapp “Ride A White Horse” [Mute]

Tim Paris “Ambition Buddy” [Dialect] (w/ Al Usher)

Franz Ferdinand “Outsiders” [Domino]

Shapemod ft. Snax and Jamie Lidell “Love’s Too Much” [Suicide] (w/ Al Usher)

Fields “Song For The Fields” [Atlantic]

Pet Shop Boys “Psychological” [Parlophone]

Cortney Tidwell “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up” [Ever]

Audiofly vs. Paul Harris “Miscalate” [Rekids]  (w/ Al Usher)

Will Saul and Lee Jones “Hug The Scary” [Simple]  (w/ Al Usher)

Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia “Always You” [Buzzin’ Fly]

Supermayer “The Art of Letting Go” [Kompakt]

Mugwump “Boutade” [Misericord] (w/ Sasse & Naughty)

Kelley Polar “Entropy Reigns (In The Celestial City)” [Environ] (w/ Al Usher)

Hot Chip “Touch Too Much” [DFA / Parlophone]

Foals “Olympic Airways” [Transgressive / Kompakt]

Jon Hopkins “Light Through The Veins” [Domino]

Gavin Herlihy “Watch Ya Feet” [Leftroom]

Moon Unit “Connections” [Supersoul]

Junior Boys “Hazel” [Domino]

Burger / Voigt “Wand Aus Klang” [Kompakt] (w/ Al Usher)

Cortney Tidwell “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up” (Ewan’s All This Has Happened Before Version)  [R&S]

Joakim “Spiders” [Versatile / K7!]

Little Dragon “Fortune” (World of Apples’ Cosmic Edit) [Kompakt]

October “That Placid Track”  [Caravan]

Escort “Cocaine Blues” [Escort]

Remain “Ralph” [Meant]

Chapel Club “Surfacing” [A&M]

Glimpse and Martin Dawson “No-one Belongs Here More Than You” [Crosstown Rebels]

Flowers and Sea Creatures “A.M.” [Buzzin’ Fly]

Footprintz “Utopia” [Visionquest]

Valentin ft. Fab Morvans Every Night (Hot Lunch remix) [Silver Network] (w/ Sasse)

Erol Alkan ft. Boyz Noize & Jarvis Cocker “Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)” [Phantasy]

Tracey Thorn “Swimming” (Visionquest remix – Ewan Pearson edit) [Buzzin’ Fly]

Simone Fedi “Bitter Devotion” [Eskimo]

Metronomy “Everything Goes My Way” [Because]

Jullian Gomes ft. Bobby “Love Song 28” [Marketing]

Raid Over Moscow “Rush To The Capsule” [Turbo]

Luke Solomon ft. Jon Marsh “Lonely Dancer” [Classic]

Jessie Ware “No To Love” [PMR / Universal]

The Deadstock 33s “Underneath The Pines” [Gomma]

Fairmont “Last Dance” [My Favourite Robot]

Out Cold “All I Want” [Heavenly]

Bachar Al Khalifé “Machins Choses” [infiné]

Royksopp ft Susanne Solfor “Ice Machine” [Late Night Tales]

Frederick “Episode of Love (Hot Lunch New Beat Edit)” [Miseriedit]

Emperor Machine “Hey!” [Southern Fried]

Exercise One “It is Happening Again” [Exone]

Kaltehand ft. Natasha Waters “Pages” [Hive Audio]

Tensnake ft. Nile Rogers “Love Sublime” [Virgin]

Jagwar Ma “Uncertainty” [Marathon]

S R Krebs “She Like” [HMS Records]



Brox “Fade & Falter” [Out Of The Loop]

Jeb Loy Nichols Say Goodbye To Christopher” [Rough Trade]

Jeb Loy Nichols “Just What Time It Is” (LP)  [Rough Trade]

Jeb Loy Nichols “Heaven Right Here” [Rough Trade]

Jeb Loy Nichols “Easy Now” [Rykodisc]

Playgroup “Behind The Wheel” [!K7]

Ladytron “Evil” (Radio Mix) [Telstar]

Envoy “Move On” [Soma]

Chikinki “Stay Lost / The Right Place” (from “The Berlin Sessions EP”) [Island]

Sasse ft. Kiki “Loosing Touch” [Moodmusic] (additional production)

The Rapture “Pieces of the People We Love” (8 tracks from LP [Mercury] (w/ Paul Epworth)

Tracey Thorn “Out of the Woods” (7 tracks from LP) [Virgin]

Lost Valentinos “17 Deaths” [Mosquito’s Tweeter]

M83 “Saturdays=Youth” [Mute] (w/ Ken Thomas)

Lost Valentinos “The Bismarck” [Bang Gang]

Delphic “Counterpoint” [R&S]

Delphic “This Momentary” [Kitsune]

Lost Valentinos “Cities Of Gold” [etcetc]

Delphic “Doubt” [Chimeric / Universal]

Delphic “Advocate” (LP) [Chimeric / Universal]

Delphic “Halcyon” [Chimeric / Universal]

Tracey Thorn “Oh, The Divorces! / Taxi Cab” [Strange Feeling / Merge]

Tracey Thorn “Love And Its Opposite” [Strange Feeling / Merge LP]

Flowers and Sea Creatures “International” [Buzzin’ Fly]

Waylayers “Fires” [Kitsuné]

Tracey Thorn “Sister Winter” [Strange Feeling]

Flowers and Sea Creatures “Flowers and Sea Creatures” [Buzzin Fly LP]

Tracey Thorn “Night Time” [Strange Feeling]

Trophy Wife “Sleepwalks” [Blessing Force]

Jagwar Ma “Come Save Me” [The Blue Rider]

Footprintz “The Dangers of the Mouth” [Visionquest]

Tracey Thorn “Tinsel & Lights” [Strange Feeling / Merge LP]

Footprintz “The Favourite Game” [Visionquest]

Jagwar Ma “The Throw” [Marathon Music / Future Classic]

Footprintz “Escape Yourself” [Visionquest LP]

Jagwar Ma “Howlin” [Marathon / Future Classic LP]

Ben Watt “Hendra” [Caroline International / Unmade Road LP]



Only Child “Getting It On” (Shades Of Black Remix) [Grand Central]

Jersey Street “Hold Your Head Up High” (Shades Of Black Remix) [Out Of The Loop]

Partial Arts “Canopy” (Riton Remix) [Out Of The Loop]

Listen To The Music “Reckless Woman” [Out Of The Loop]

Al Usher “Slipshod EP” [Out Of The Loop]

Howdi “Number One Song In Heaven” [Sunday Best]

Camille “Ta Douleur (Al Usher Remix)” [Bootleg]

Amy Winehouse “Tears Dry On Their Own  (Al Usher Remix)” [Island]

Al Usher “Gnanfou EP” [Misericord]

Junior Boys “Hazel” [Domino]

Al Usher “Hilversum” [Misericord]

Footprintz “Utopia” / “Golden Dreams” [Visionquest]

Panama “It’s Not Over” (Dave DK Remix) [Future Classic]

Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright  “Stay Cool” (Al Usher Remix) [Emotional Rescue]

Dave DK “Palmaille EP” [Kompakt]

Jagwar Ma “Howlin” [Marathon / Future Classic]



Soft Cell “Monoculture (Playgroup Remix)” [Cooking Vinyl]

Midnight Mike “Hot In The Kitchen” [Flesh]

Midnight Mike “Drugs Work” [Flesh]

Gwen Stefani “Danger Zone / The Real Thing” from “Love, Angel, Music, Baby” LP [Interscope]

Goldfrapp “Ride A White Horse” from “Supernature” LP [Mute]

Gwen Stefani “Wonderful Life” from “The Sweet Escape” LP [Interscope]


* = Forthcoming