Sci Fi Hi Fi Special

I’ve put together the first in a new series of mix CDs for Soma Recordings. It’s released today and here’s a run-down of what’s on there, and why.

1. Clashing Egos – Aminjig Nebere (I Trusted You) [Joakim’s Afrobot remix] [Life Enhancing Audio / NEWS]

I had to include something by Joakim as he’s absolutely one of the best new producers of the last 3 years. This was my favourite record of last year I think – it sounds like some balearic proto-house thing from 1985, and although it’s slower and more melodic it absolutely rocks a club as well as sounding great at home. It’s depressing that records like this aren’t massive – although I know a lot of people that love it I don’t think it got the props it deserves. For me it’s a lost classic.

2. Lontano – Lovebass [Factor City]

I don’t know very much about this apart from that it quickly became a favourite at our club Come Shake The Whole in London, and it’s from a Barcelona label Factor City which I like a lot.

3. Feist – Inside and Out (Pearson and Usher Elektronische Dub) [Polydor France]

One of mine and Al’s – and one of my favourite remixes I’ve done recently. Again a bit slower but I think it sounds pretty good out. I loved the Feist album and so we hassled the record company until we could mix one of the singles.

4. Husky Rescue – Summertime Cowboy (Serge Santiago Version) [Catskills]

I love Serge’s stuff; this is a remix he did last year, which was maybe overlooked a bit at the time, but I really loved. The drums were quite light which is maybe why people didn’t play it more – I’ve looped the drums from ‘Largo’ under most of this + added more percussion just to toughen it just a touch as the music is incredible.

5. Dirt Crew – Largo (Dominic Eulberg remix) [Dirt Crew]

Probably one of the best-known tracks on the mix – Eulberg has been the German wunderkind remixer this year and I think this is the best thing he has done to date. So simple but insistently brilliant. Also the breakdown lets me bring the next record in very nicely…

6. Villalobos – Easy Lee (Random Factor Remix) [Playhouse]

Probably the track I am most excited about on the whole mix. Carl Finlow gave me a CD with this on at a gig last year – it was commissioned by Playhouse but never released when the Alcahofa remixes came out. It’s absolutely stunning;  one of the best things Carl has ever done – his pristine electronic production at its very best, and it builds and builds and just gets more and more exciting. I am very grateful to Ricardo and everyone at Playhouse for letting us include it here – it deserves to be huge.

7. Different Gear – Pop Idle (Instrumental Mix) [Lazy Eye]

Stomping great piece of electronic house from Quinn Whalley which has never left the record box since he sent it to me.

8. Brazilian Girls – Don’t Stop (Riton re-rub) [Verve]

Henry Smithson is an old friend – he remixed a single I did on Out of the Loop several years ago called ‘Canopy’ – and he has rapidly become one of the most exciting producers in the UK. I could have included one of about 5 or 6 things he’s done recently on here – it was difficult to choose, but this mix of Brazilian Girls is an absolute belter.

9. Karu – Maraud Your Ears (Tim Paris’ We Almost Lost Detroit mix) [Silver Network]

Musically, this my favourite track on the whole compilation. Tim’s remix starts off jacking then keeps twisting and morphing, has a nice teasing moody breakdown and then drops these almighty arpeggios at the end. It’s quite brilliant and whenever I play it out I make a total idiot of myself; dancing and shaking my head like a man deranged.

10. Spirit Catcher – Key Generator  [Moodmusic]

More tough arpeggiated mayhem from Belgium’s Spirit Catcher, very kindly given to me well ahead of release by Moodmusic’s Sasse Lindblad. Mind you the CD’s taken so long to come out that it’s only just ahead of the final release…

11. Danton EEPROM – Odd Bassliner  [Virgo]

Exciting new techno from an exciting new French producer.

12. Dirk Technic – I Love You [10 Kilo]

This record was sold to me by Heidi at Phonica records in London – and it’s a dancefloor killer. Dirty-basslined UK house that verges on prog – though it reminds me most of an old Fabi Paras record. Ivan calls these ‘borderline’ records – he’s an expert at casting the net a bit wider and finding the tracks that you might think wouldn’t be to your taste because of the label they’re on or the genre they get lumped in with. Msr. Smagghe is the only other person I’ve heard play this and he bought it on Heidi’s recommendation too – a salutary reminder not just to rely on the things you get sent and to spend as much time in good record shops as you can.

13. Sold Out – I Don’t Want To Have Sex With You (Mugwump Zexual Healing Reversion) [Dirty Recordings] / 14. Alex Visconti – I Wanna Be Your Everything [Electrica]

I have a very great love for Hi-NRG and italo and the first dance records that I realised I liked as a kid were things like Dead Or Alive “You Spin Me Round” and Man2Man Meets Mann Parrish “Male Stripper”. Thus twenty years on, here I am including Mugwump’s remix of Sold Out which is completely over-the-top italo-rave. Then there’s Alex Visconti which has that wonderful, slightly nonsensical English-as-a-foreign language vocal, and superb italo backing. The magic of Ableton Live means I was able to do a nice long segue from Visconti into the last track – Da Fresh – all in the same key.

15. Da Fresh – Broken Dream [Hypnotic]

To finish with a beautiful piece of affecting house from France, with 80’ish 12-bit vocal stabs which echo the Joakim mix which opened proceedings.

8 Responses to “Sci Fi Hi Fi Special”

  1. phil says:

    this mix is great. it has elements of the sound that I associate with all of your remixes (which I am a huge fan of – especially the work with Goldfrapp!) yet it’s very dynamic as well. The Spirit Catcher song is absoultely “arpeggiated mayhem” – I only the song of his that appeared on Erol Alkan’s Bugged Out, which is also bangingly melodic. Is there other stuff by him/her/them worth checking out? The “I Love You”/”I Don’t Want to Have Sex With You” back to back is a clever one-two.
    any chance we’ll see you again in NYC soon? I was at your night at the Tribeca Grand last year which was an ace night.

  2. Manuel says:

    The ‘Easy Lee’ remix is incredible! Will it ever see the light of day as a proper release?

  3. ewan says:

    thanks phil, glad you like it. lots of spirit catcher worth checking; they have a new 12 on crack and speed from paris soon i think. the moodmusic releases tend to be a bit more banging mind. one of them is also part of mugwump with belgian dj and label owner geoffroy dwandeler. i hope to be back in nyc soon – was supposed to come over this month for a totally different production related project, but i think its happening in london now…
    and manuel there was a plan to put the easy lee remix and the mugwump mix of “don’t wanna have sex” on a separate 12″ but i’m not sure what’s happening. i will email soma.
    best wishes,

  4. R says:

    great mix, it’s nice to finally see that Joakim remix get the light of day, I guess cos of the long intro and speed nobody ever plays it but I also rememeber giving it to every customer who came into the shop I work in when it was in stock and being shocked and horrified that it took literally months to sell out, eventually only selling when I forced it on friends of mine!
    other good off the radar stuff too, nobody, in my experience has been playing that danton eeprom thing, and it’s really great.

  5. jimbaar says:

    great album – started my day with it while going to work, and the sounds are still in my head now 🙂 thanx !!

  6. micky says:

    It is simply a very good compilation to end the year, i liked a lot the Tim Paris remix of Karu (I heard that he will leave my nice country for england :p) and the Daniel EEPROM is great to .. it is very well mixed I think, nice contruction and it is very coherent, and I liked a lot the fact that you’ve searched old records for the mix that correspond to your musical personnality, and not only promos or fresh records … excuse my very bad english
    so 20 / 20 for this one 🙂

  7. dave says:

    Top album, has been seeing some regular action in my cd player since I bought this a few months back, feeling a particular amount of love for that Summertime Cowboy record.

  8. I know this album is quite a few years old now, but thought I’d say quality album and been listening to it for ages.
    Not seen these comments before. Find it quite funny that Ewan mentions he had only ever heard one person playing Dirk Technic (which I love), when Timo Maas played it on an Essential Mix about a year and a half before which is how I found this mix cd from searching for it later on.
    Sad that it hadn’t been played more. Love it.
    Keep up the good work Ewan.

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