1. The Fields – Song For The Fields  [Black Lab]

A jaw-dropping debut single from your new favourite new indie-folk band. Pentangle meets New Order. Compound time signature, wonderful harmonies, building to a huge crescendo. This is really special.

2. Rekid – My Bleep  [cdr]

Brand new. Dead simple. Totally devastating. This is going to be huge!

3. Geddes / Audiofly – Somewhere  [Moodmusic]

More superbly atmpospheric, verging-on-trancy post-Holden electronic house. Catchy like measles.

4. Kate Bush – A Sky of Honey [EMI]

Sprawling indulgent double album yes, but the second CD of Aerial is – Rolf Harris notwithstanding – astonishingly beautiful and very moving.  The standout track ‘Nocturn’ is positively balearic and deserving of some kind of Harvey / Quiet Village-esque treatment.

5. Joakim – I Wish You Were Gone  [Versatile]

Demented no wave disco stylings from the producers’ producer. Tip top.

6. My My – Serpentine [playhouse]

My My’s second single is an intense snaking, clattering percussion and fx workout, kind of in the same vein as 2020’s recent Erotic Discourse 12, but even better if truth be told.  Completely different to their debut "Klatta" (one of the records of 2005 for me), but just as good, which is saying something.

7. The Emporer Machine – various remixes

Chicken Lips’ Andy Meecham follows the wonderful "Amy Tallulah Is Hypnotized" album with some stunning major label remixes – beating the likes of Alter Ego, Trentmoeller, Vitalic and Stuart Price (no mean feat) to the top prize with his mixes of Daft Punk’s  "Human After All" and Royksopp "What Else Is There?". The latter is for some daft reason not included on the final release so go hunt out the promo.

8. Art of Tones – Lion’s Gate [2020 vision]

EP 2 from 2020 Vision’s new oh-so-secret mini-project. From the evidence of shuffling detroit mastery on display here it’s either someone with a Kenny Larkin obsession or Mr Larkin himself. Either way it’s ace.

9. Super-Marketing

Tim Paris’ new label gets of to a flying start with two top-notch releases, ‘A Tribute to John Surman’ in which his "Edges of Corrosion" pips Tekel and i:cube to the prize and Bot’ox v. Showgirls ‘The 16th Machine’;  both very musical but still dancefloor. A very promising start for a label to watch closely.

10. Rework – Psych Doll [playhouse]

Rework are back on playhouse and in top form;  little more than a break-ish swing, a bassline and a sultry vocal. But the super-precise sonics, and the unstoppable groove make this a deft dancefloor destroyer.

11. Hot Chip – Just Like We (Breakdown) (DFA remix)  [Astralwerks]

Yet another corking remix (we have a code green for envy…). Big emotive techno string stabs and a slow house groove which works really really well with Alexis’ vocal.

12. Loose Change – Kosovo [Wagon Repair]

The highlight of the recent slew of Wagon Repair releases. A disco shuffle in the drums, underpinning a superb if melancholy piece of atmospheric techno.

13. Partial Arts vs. Tim Paris – Battle EP [Dialect]

Home cooking time. Me and Al under our Partial Arts alias sparring with the wonderful Tim P for our friends Cyril, Seb and Simon at Dialect. We offer up a dark and moody house thing called "Cruising" for our original contribution, and have mangled Tim’s jollier "Ambition, Buddy" into Germanic Ableton crunchathon. The originals and remixes will be spread over two 12s. We haven’t heard Tim’s remix of "Cruising" yet.  Can’t wait.

14. Goldfrapp – SIide in (DFA remix) / Ride A White Horse (Ewan Pearson DIsco Odyssey Parts 1+2) [Mute]

New long long mixes of the ‘Frapp. James and Tim have done an amazing afro-disco-techno thing on ‘Slide In’ which has to be heard to be believed. This arrived in the post while I was working on my remix of ‘Ride A White Horse’, and may have had something to do with the fact that my mix has ended up a 15’09" multi-section behemoth that starts off analogue disco and ends up sounding like Underworld or something. Promos being mailed shortly so you can judge for yourselves just how bloated and ludicrous I have become.

15. Franz Ferdinand – Outsiders  (Ewan Pearson remix)  [Domino]

And last but not least I’ve done a club mix of the closing track (and highlight) from ‘You Could Have It So Much Better, re-moulded in an ecstastic Italo vein, morphing into chugging indie dance with acoustic drums and guitars akimbo. Don’t think this is coming out for ages, but…

16. Yet more goodies.

Kelley Polar – Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens [Environ], Zongamin – Bongo Song [Kitsune], Padded Cell – Signal Failure [DC Recordings], Michal Ho – Frisky [Tuning Spork], Jambi – Who Dropped The Ball [Edges of Corrosion], Oliver Koletzki – Blackout [stil vor talent], Swimmingpool – Black Barry [Combination], Audision – First Contact (Lawrence remix) [Playmade records], Vincenzo – Scope [Liebe Detail], Patrick Chardonnet – Eve By Day  [Connaisseur], Fairmont – Gazebo [Border Community], Mugwump – Prozac Über Alles [Suicide]

15 Responses to “31.12.2005”

  1. Ryan says:

    I have Aerial CD sitting on the same shelf with some Soma and Playhouse CDs but I never thought I’d see them mentioned in the same context 🙂
    I wish Kate Bush would be remixed as extensively as, say, Bjork, but it seems she’s not interested in remixes that much.

  2. ewan says:

    i wish she would get remixes done too….! d’oh!
    all the best,

  3. John Kennedy says:

    I’ll be sure to check out a few of these tracks, can’t wait to hear your remix of Goldfrapp. Have you heard the Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin track “Miranda”? That sounds like it would defo be your cup of tea.

  4. Tad says:

    How amazing is the Hot Chip mix by James & Tim? Just when it looked like they were stuck repeating the same bizarrely sophisticated, trippy, slo-mo-nu-disco-punk-funk groove, here comes something so different I didn’t even suspect it was them. By placing the vocal right up front they’ve milked so much feeling from so few obvious elements.
    Joakim, Tim Paris and yourself & Al also really doin’ it for me. Pity you and Lindstrom (or Riton) couldn’t also have done a “battle” on Dialect.
    BTW, loved your dub version of Royksopp. What a surprise–very grimey indeed! Holding my breath for those Goldfrapp and Franz Ferdinand mixes (worth going blue in the face for!)

  5. Phil says:

    I agree that the DFA mix of “Slide In” is amazing. Now I am dying to hear your remix of “Ride a White Horse” – anything Underworld works for me. When is it going to be released? Is it already in circulation?

  6. ewan says:

    yeah the hot chip dfa mix is great – it reminds me of an old red zone morales remix, and it’s sounding so good out.
    Goldfrapp should be promo’ing v v soon, although i don’t know the exact release date. Both that and the Franz remix will be up + streaming on myspace.com/ewanpearson once they’re in the public domain and on full promo.

  7. Paul says:

    The DFA mix of Hot Chip really is awesome. Track is a grower – and keeps getting requested. Reminds me a lot of Basic Channel stuff. But def think that best track on single is actually Over and Over. Really thought it was step forward for them – and can def see the influence of touring with LCD. What you think? Love the reviews by the way.

  8. Olivia says:

    I really want to hear the Outsiders remix 😀
    When is it coming out?

  9. Dave says:

    I also want to listen to the Outsiders remix.

  10. Margarida says:

    “Third”ing that Outsiders comment 🙂

  11. ewan says:

    erm, i’d love to post the outsiders mix, but until it’s on promo, I really can’t. sorry folks. eddy temple-morris played it on his XFM show 10 days ago, apparently, so I guess it will be on promo soon!

  12. Olivia says:

    I missed the Eddy Temple-Morris thing…
    But anyways, I’m excited.

  13. daviid says:

    im from mexico and i went to london fabric for new years, i really liked your set man, but i have been looking for the last song you played and its driving me mad cause i cant find it, could you please tell me who it is? thanx

  14. I just listen to your track : “Let it go” on the “fine fun ii sampler cd”
    Wow, it’s amazing!A bit intense a the end with the french drama going on.I don’t know if u understand all the speaking but it’s intense. The song is really beautiful, the lyrics and the music, so it’s quite a contrast, especially when she cries at the end.
    I hope some remixes are coming, cause this is a real Gem
    I also really liked your goldfrapp remix, besides one synth sound under the vocal line, so i just play the part 2 of it…it’s also that the serge santiago mix is really so good with the vocal, so i mix them both together with the part 2 of your mix.
    I really like your stuff and hopefully we’ll see you soon in Montreal.

  15. ewan says:

    franz ferdinand remix up on myspace.com/ewanpearson now folks….

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