Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I write my Groove columns some six weeks or something ahead of publication date. The one that’s due to be printed in three weeks or so pretended to be about our emotional relationships with the machines that some of us spend far too much time stuck to, but really it was a round-about way of saying thanks to Steve Jobs, whose retirement as CEO Apple had just announced. I guess we all knew then in our heart of hearts what was coming, but expecting something doesn’t make it any less sad when it finally happens.

Anyway, here’s the final paragraph of that forthcoming column:

“it doesn’t seem to me in any way odd two weeks ago to have written a short thank you letter to the man who helped shape so many of the machines I use on his retirement from Apple. For making a computer for people like me with no training in science or the dark arts of the command line, and for insisting that it wasn’t wrong to experience delight or wonder in its use. Our affection for the objects we use to make things ought sometimes to be directed at the people who in turn made them; the likes of Bob Moog, Leo Fender, Dave Smith and Steve Jobs. Blessed are the tool-makers, the dreamers of our dreams.”

Thank you, Steve.

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