The World Is Like An Apple… Radio Nova mix March 2001

In the process of making my Maas album for Soma some twelve or thirteen years ago I came up with some stuff which didn’t quite fit its second-wave Detroit template. A bit more downbeat, certainly much more sampladelic, with a nod to the likes of Shadow and the balearic stuff I’d loved a decade earlier, I released it as the Chroma EP by World of Apples for Giant 45 in 1998. Over the next three years I made one more EP (‘The Days Are Just Packed’) (ever-prolific Pearson), quite a few remixes for other people (including an unreleased one for Cirque Du Soleil – forgive me, I was young and needed the money – and Nelly Furtado’s first single ‘I’m Like A Bird’) and a couple of one-off tracks for compilations. I gave it up shortly afterwards when ‘the new wave of chill-out’ started to get traction (I tend to jump off bandwagons as soon as I realise I’m on one) and when I heard Fout Tet’s ‘Pause’ which had done everything I aspired to do next (mining my childhood as the son of a folkie), only much better than I ever could.

Periodically, people ask about World of Apples, about whether I’ll ever resurrect it, or make those EPs available digitally, as they’ve long been out of circulation. A couple of the tracks – “The Cows At Jodrell Bank” and my remix of “Diary of A Lost Girl” were compiled quite a bit, another (“Fifteen Months”) formed the basis for a Jeb Loy Nichols track called “Say Goodbye To Christopher”) but most of the others are impossible to find now. In lieu of me deciding to do anything about that, here’s a World of Apples mix I put together for a-then-new friend, Ivan Smagghe, to broadcast on his wonderful show “test” on Paris’ Radio Nova in March 2001. An edited version also went out on Coldcut’s Solid Steel show not long afterward. It has dated, but there’s some nice stuff on there I reckon, including several original World of Apples tracks. No listing or downloads for obvious reasons and I don’t know how long this will be able to be up for. So please enjoy it while it is.

x ewan


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    Travis will always be the one for me…

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